Among the thousand gratitudes, I am incredibly grateful for shelter. Yesterday, it hailed. It hailed until the whole world seemed covered in icy mothballs, and then it hailed even more. Our dog scooched as close to me as she could get, and put one paw on my lap – her way of asking me not to move – and we watched the hail together.

My children were sheltered at their schools, and my husband was sheltered at work. And the dog and I were tucked in and safe at home.

This morning, the dog and I went down to check on the geese. The new goslings were floating and diving just as happily as they’d been before the hail. And the geese who have been standing guard, protecting their eggs, were still standing guard, so I think their eggs must be ok. Somehow they all found shelter, too.

The people and the pets and the wildlife of our town seem ok today. I’m so, so very grateful.