It seems too easy to be grateful for a rainbow on a rainy day, and yet sometimes the easiest thing is the most true thing. I’m so grateful for rainbows. I’m so grateful for a house with big widows. I am so grateful that at nine and twelve, my children are not too old (or too young) to be excited about rainbows over our neighborhood rooftops. I’m so grateful that even my dog understood that there was something special about the way we all felt about this one – even if, my nine year old pointed out, dogs can only see blues and yellows and combinations of those. Our dog can’t see the reds or oranges or violets.

Our dog can only see the part of the rainbow between blue and yellow, and we imagine some local butterflies shaking their heads at us humans. We’re admiring this rainbow even though we can’t see the infrared or ultraviolet bands.

I’m thankful for what we see. Just like our dog, we see so little of what’s there – but what we do see is so very beautiful.