Wish paper!

I love wishes. I love making my own, and I really love hearing about what my kids or my friends wish for – I never know them better than when they share some desire of their heart.

For many years, my younger daughter only wished for a puppy. If she had three wishes, she’d wish for a puppy three times. If we passed a train, she would wish on the caboose. She wished on her birthday candles, on wish paper, with coins in fountains. Eventually that particular wish came true, and we adopted a puppy from a rescue organization, and she is the sweetest, snuggliest, most joyful dog we could have imagined.

Two years later, my daughter still looks at our dog as though the dog is a miracle. When she plans her days, she makes sure “play with pup” is on the list. She reads snuggled up to pup. She votes for family trips based on where pup can go. She sometimes complains about dog-related chores, but she does them. She loves that dog!

When I see my daughter with our dog, my own heart is happy, too. I’m so so grateful for wishes-of-our-hearts that come true.