A couple years ago, I overheard my younger daughter – then about seven – advising my older daughter about how to pray. She had good advice about coming to God with humbleness, and saying what was truly in your heart. And then she added the kicker: “and make sure Mom can hear you.”

I didn’t laugh out loud, but it took some effort.

In the post about wishes, I mentioned that the only thing that child had ever wished for was a dog. But she wasn’t wrong – when I heard her praying for a dog, my pet-resistant heart melted. And my husband suddenly remembered that a friend was fostering a dog she thought was absolutely wonderful.

We adopted that dog, and she is absolutely wonderful.

She always feels like a gift – she is the sweetest and snuggliest little thing, happiest not just in the room with us, but on our laps or climbing up so she can put her head on our shoulders, even though she’s too big to be a lapdog. She has brought so much joy into our lives.

My daughter prayed, and made sure I heard. Surely God works through us, one way or another – and brings love in many forms into our lives. Love shows up, over and over, and I am so so very grateful for that.